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Poor David...;-;

Awe, Poor David, I didn't know making him those Gackt outfits would amount to this (I was the one who made his Cyberland and other one, no I'm not bragging, atleast he could pull off wearing them, though he has no ass...and he is going to kill me for saying that.....agian...) but yet, I find it so disturbing, I just have to join...Actually, at Jaco (Anime club we all go to, yes including David, hee), we use to joke about a "David Fan Club" and we were going to make membership cards and everything, sad part, I'm not/never was a memeber...heh.

Well, I don't know what to say...It is just disturbig me, I don't know...Poor David, he is all shy, this has to creep him imensly...Awe...oh well, he will live...hee hee, I mean he IS praised and all, right Richard, I told you about it...Man, what did I do to that poor boy, I sorry David...
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hahaah welcome!

(<< i dont' know why some posts aren't showing up on my friends list...)

Anyways ^^' i think he may have been just a bit.. overwhelmed by the silliness of it all. But he knew what we were up to.

@_@ i really have done NOTHING to help this thing... i was gonna do stuff like hahah wallpapers and at least get a decent background up for this lj-- i need to do that.

<_< does he even read this thing? XD oh well,.. really, i must do something. oh well, pointless rambling. Anyways, thanks for hopping on board and lol, for getting him started. The cyberland GAckt outfit was great <3 ^^ congratulations.